Change history

0.4 - 10/24/2006

  • The source code is now available! See the license here.
  • Updated applications in applist.xml to their latest versions, added Picasa and Quicktime (thanks Mike Quinn)
  • Support for "installing" .zip files by extracting them to a configurable folder. Finding an installer inside the zip and running is targetted for next release. (Phil Crosby, Zac Ruiz)
  • Graphical user preferences added. You can configure where you want your files downloaded to, and where you want zips extracted to. (Phil Crosby, Zac Ruiz)
  • Launch only one installer at a time, so they don't step on each other's toes.
  • Add "Comment" field to application items. You can see comments as tooltips when you hover over the item in the list (Craig Reynolds)
  • Add "Checked" option in applist.xml, to indicate whether the item should be checked by default
  • Add "AlternateFileUrl" option in applist.xml, to provide download mirrors for a file (Zac Ruiz)
  • Bugfix: release applist file handle after opening it (Craig Reynolds)
  • Many UI cleanups and fixes

0.3 - 8/1/2006

  • Added support for ftp:// and file:// URLs
  • Visually edit applist.xml files
  • Bugfixes when opening bad XML files

0.2 - 6/2/2006

  • First public release